Tulsi Gabbard Wants to Be Vice President

(ConservativeSense.com) – In 2020, Tulsi Gabbard ran for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. In 2022, she walked away from the Democratic Party. Now she’s considering taking on the vice president position with whoever the Republican nominee ends up being, according to a recent interview.

The former representative from Hawaii and National Guard veteran appeared on Fox News on Tuesday and told host Sean Hannity she would consider a role as vice president. When Hannity asked about Gabbard’s future in politics, he also asked if she would accept a position on a GOP ticket as running mate to become vice president. Gabbard replied that she would “consider any opportunity” to serve her country “and make the most positive impact” at a time when the “country’s future” and “democracy are at risk.”

Tulsi walked away from the Democratic Party but didn’t join the Republican Party. Instead, she declared herself an independent and has been a major critic of the administration of President Joe Biden as well as the elite class of Democratic lawmakers, cultural icons, and voters.

Hannity noted that Gabbard was “clearly thinking about it,” referring to the vice president position. Gabbard admitted she thinks about her options in politics and worries about the future of the nation “every day. Hannity didn’t specify which candidate Gabbard would be interested in running with, only asking if she would join the Republican nominee, which she confirmed.

Gabbard remains a major critic of the military-industrial complex and endless wars. She’s also become a vocal opponent of “woke” ideology, specifically transgenderism being taught to minors in schools and transgender procedures being administered to youth. These positions inevitably put her at odds with her former party, although that does not mean she will neatly fit in with the Republican Party either.

There’s much about Gabbard that makes her an attractive candidate, from her military background to her experience in government and youthful vigor. She would certainly have something of value to add to the GOP ticket and could attract more moderates and independents to vote red in 2024.

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