Trump’s Legal Fund Launch – A ROCKY Kickoff

( – After it was reported last month that the PAC associated with the Trump campaign had been footing the bill for Donald Trump’s legal fees, allies of the former president created a separate legal defense fund, CBS News reported.

Led by Trump adviser Michael Glassner, Trump’s allies created the Patriot Legal Defense Fund, Inc., aimed at paying the legal bills for Trump, his allies, and any staffers caught up in the former president’s legal troubles.

The defense fund is ostensibly separate from both the Trump campaign and the leadership PAC Save America.

The Daily Beast reported last weekend that, in their haste to set up a separate legal defense fund, Trump’s allies failed to proofread the website before it went live on Sunday, August 13.

The main heading for the site read, “Support Donald Trump’s Patriot Legal Defense Fund,” inadvertently leaving off the apostrophe in “Trump’s.”

But typos aside, the Daily Beast notes that the defense fund presents more pressing legal problems.

While the defense fund can’t technically coordinate with the Trump campaign on fundraising, anyone looking to donate to the fund is sent directly to the Trump 2024 campaign website when clicking the “Donate Now” button.

The only two hyperlinks included on the Patriot Legal Defense Fund website take users to the Trump campaign website.

Adding to the legal murkiness surrounding the defense fund is the presence of Trump’s 2024 top campaign aide, Susie Wiles, whose name appears on the incorporation documents for the Patriot Legal Defense Fund.

Trump’s legal problems were compounded this week after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis indicted Trump and 18 others on fraud and racketeering charges related to their attempts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.

With legal costs rising as his campaign coffers dwindle, Trump released a video on Thursday begging the other Republican primary candidates to drop out of the race so the party could rally to his defense.

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