Trump Warns Of End Of The World!

( – Donald Trump warns that the world is on the precipice of an extinction-level war. The former President and Republican front-runner for the White House in 2024 told Fox host Mark Levin that we have never been closer to a nuclear war and the people who lead the US don’t understand the significance of the weapons currently available, nor do they know how to handle such a significant crisis. 

“I don’t call it World War III. I call it the end of the world. And we have people that have no idea what they’re talking about or what they are doing,” he said. Mr. Trump added that US leaders talk tough when they should be nice, and are nice when they should be tough. 

The former President has warned of World War III for some time. He insists he is the only 2024 candidate who can prevent it from becoming a reality. In January, when he spoke in the key states of New Hampshire and South Carolina, he said the ominous situation is primarily the fault of Joe Biden and his administration. He said the shambolic US withdrawal from Afghanistan was one of the lowest points in America’s history. It showed a weakened America, humiliated on the world stage, and provided ammunition to China and others who oppose American power and world leadership. 

He said the world is “one madman away” from destruction. 

Trump continues to lead in most polls. He enjoyed a boost in support following the indictment issued by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. A Premise poll from April 17th shows him leading President Biden by 44% to 42%. In the race for the Republican nomination, his primary contender remains Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but the same poll revealed a convincing lead for Trump in that race. He had the support of 57% compared to just 35% for DeSantis. In a match-up between DeSantis and Biden, the President took 40%, while DeSantis trailed at 37%.

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