Trump Urges States To Send National Guard To Texas

( – After Texas Gov. Greg Abbott defied the Supreme Court and federal government’s orders to allow the removal of razor wire along the southern border, he received a wave of support from other governors around the country, Republican lawmakers, and media personalities.

The biggest name to back Abbott was, of course, former President Donald Trump, who went even further and called on states to deploy their National Guards to help Texas secure the border.

Trump posted his thoughts on Truth Social, weighing in on the ongoing legal battle between the Lone Star State and the Biden administration, who he accused of fighting to tie Abbott’s hands to allow the “invasion” of illegal immigrants to continue “unchecked.” He urged “all willing states” supporting Abbott to send their National Guard to help secure the border. The former president also promised to work “hand in hand” with Texas to deal with the situation if he returns to the White House.

The feud, which has been escalating for months, erupted after the federal government and Texas disputed over the Shelby Park region of Eagle Pass. In response to a report from Mexican officials that three immigrants drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande, Border Patrol agents were sent to check out the situation but were then turned away by Texas law enforcement. Following that incident, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of an emergency appeal by the Justice Department to allow the Border Patrol to continue lifting or cutting razor wire installed by Texas as part of Abbott’s Operation Lone Star.

The Biden administration has sued Texas over other aspects of Operation Lone Star, such as the installation of a buoy and net barrier in the Rio Grande, and more recently for a law Abbott signed that allows Texas to arrest and deport illegal border crossers.

The Biden administration argues that immigration enforcement is the responsibility of the federal government and that the Lone Star State is interfering with their job. Texas officials agree that enforcing immigration laws is the federal government’s responsibility but argue that they have failed to uphold that responsibility by refusing to enforce the laws on the books. Abbott presented this argument in an official response to the Supreme Court and maintained that Texas has a right to self-defense.

Whether or not states will heed Trump’s call to arms remains to be seen, but what is clear is that the border is becoming the most polarizing issue in the nation.

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