Trump UNLEASHED – IT Completely Backfired!

( – Former New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie was asked by Howard Kurtz in a Fox News interview on MediaBuzz about former President Donald Trump’s recent jabs at Christie’s weight.

Trump posted a video, which was doctored, onto his Truth Social page depicting Christie at a buffet. Kurtz brought this up during the interview with Christie, asking the ex-governor what his reaction was to Trump aiming for his weight.

Christie fired back at Trump, scoffing and saying sarcastically, “Like he’s some Adonis? Please.” He said he doesn’t know what Trump’s point is, comparing the former president to a child and “a bully on the schoolyard” teasing and making fun of someone else. Christie then gave a message to Trump, saying he doesn’t care what Trump says or thinks about him. He also told Trump to “take a look in the mirror,” after which he might “drop the weight thing off his list of criticisms.” 

Kurtz also pressed Christie a bit by asking him if he should be considered credible to criticize Trump as harshly as he has been when prior to 2020 Christie had little to say about the former president. Kurtz asked why people should trust Christie’s judgment when he mostly “stood by the guy” publicly, pointing out that Christie’s level of criticism seemed to change more now that he’s running for president himself.

Christie responded that his criticism isn’t “belated” and that he was “saying it after what he said in 2020,” and that everyone has “different breaking points.” Kurtz then asked if the former New Jersey governor feels he waited too long, to which Christie said he doesn’t think so, but admitted that he made a mistake when trying to pick the best man for the job of president.

At the beginning of the month, on June 6, Christie officially launched his bid for the White House, joining an array of other challengers to Trump for the Republican nomination. He’ll be competing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, and author Vivek Ramaswamy.

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