Trump Tells ALL in CANDID Carlson Interview!

( – Donald Trump lashed out at his Republican rivals and President Biden during his pre-taped interview with Tucker Carlson on August 23. The interview was broadcast on Twitter just as the remaining GOP candidates lined up for the first primary debate in Milwaukee. Asked why he skipped the debate, Trump said he was unwilling to be “harassed” by people who “shouldn’t even be running for president.”

Mr. Trump described Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis, seen by some as his strongest contender, as a “lost cause. He called ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who openly stated he is running as an anti-Trump candidate, a “maniac” who had only 8% approval in New Jersey yet somehow believes he is qualified for the White House. The former president said Christie is bitter because he was not given a job in the Trump administration.

Carlson later asked Donald Trump what would be his priority if he re-entered the Oval Office next year. “The first thing I would do is seal up the border good and tight except for people that want to come in legally,” he answered. He also said that he fears for the future given the high levels of anger felt by the American public, confirming that it could lead to a US civil war.

“I have never seen such spirit, such passion, and such love. And I’ve also never seen, simultaneously and from the same people, such hatred of what they’ve done to our country,” he said.

The former President addressed the nation on January 6, 2021, and described how he felt on the day—he said he had never seen such passion and unity. In his most recent indictment from Georgia, he said prosecutor Fani Willis was taking away his right to criticize an election. He simultaneously dismissed concerns about his many indictments, saying he could take them on the chin because he is so high in the polls.

More than 8 million people watched the interview within two hours of its publication on Twitter.

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