Trump Support Surges In 2 Critical Swing States

( – A new poll shows that President Joe Biden is losing support among black voters in two key battleground states compared to his 2020 numbers, while former President Donald Trump is gaining support among the demographic.

On Sunday, June 16, USA Today and Suffolk University published a poll that surveyed 500 black voters by phone who are registered in Pennsylvania and Michigan, two critical battleground states in the upcoming presidential election. Participants were surveyed over a period of five days, from June 9 to June 13.

Overall, the study found that “the vast majority” still view Biden as their “first or second choice” and that “most would avoid” the former president. That isn’t the whole story, though.

The survey had a 4.4 percentage point margin of error and still showed Trump gaining ground among black voters compared to his 2020 polling numbers. Four years ago, Trump earned less than 10% of support from black voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan. According to the new poll, 11% of registered black voters now support the former president in Pennsylvania and 15% in Michigan.

Biden continues to hold about 92% of support among the demographic nationwide, yet Trump won’t have to pull too much from it in order to gain an advantage, and he’s certainly trying.

Trump recently paid another visit to Michigan to deliver a speech and participate in a roundtable discussion with local black business owners and community leaders in Detroit. During that roundtable, one of the participants (180 Pastor Lorenzo Sewell) noted how neither Biden nor former President Barack Obama ever “came to the hood.”

Trump received similar praise for trying to reach more diverse urban communities after stopping in the Bronx last month, drawing a mixed crowd of thousands to New York City. Some commentators believe a higher incarceration rate amongst black Americans may have something to do with it and that many who have been through the justice system, whether warranted or not, now relate more to Trump after his conviction in the Big Apple.

In fact, the former president’s campaign pulled in record-breaking donations after the guilty verdict was announced and it seems to have backfired on his opponents in several ways.

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