Trump Stung by Multiple Polls After Being Found Guilty

( – Former President Donald Trump has seen some poll figures drop since his New York conviction. A jury found Mr. Trump guilty on 34 counts related to a hush money payment to an adult actress who claims the pair had an extra-marital sexual encounter.

Trump insists that the charges were politically motivated and initiated by a Democrat District Attorney who boasted about his history of persecuting Trump during his election campaign. The former President said Alvin Bragg, and the Democrats more broadly, intend to scupper his election chances, and some polls reveal that the tactic may be working.

One post-verdict poll by Ipsos and Reuters placed Trump behind President Biden by 41% to 39%, down from the 43% that backed Trump before the court proceedings. Similarly, an Echelon Insights survey saw that Trump’s support had fallen from 49% to 47% – level with President Biden.

Furthermore, Biden gained 3% in a Morning Consult poll, increasing his tally to 45% to Mr. Trump’s 44%.

Some experts suggest the verdict’s impact will be minimal or even boost Mr. Trump. Fundraising totals support this view, and Trump’s campaign said it raised $200 million in the three days following the jury’s ruling. Eric Trump, the former President’s son, said that around $70 million came from small donors contributing between $20 and $50.

Reactions to the verdict were mixed, but senior Republicans rallied around the former President, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, who agrees with Trump’s assessment that the prosecutions are a political ploy to influence the November election. In the Senate, GOP leader Mitch McConnell said the charges should never have been brought, and in the House, leader Steve Scalise said the verdict was a blow for those who believe in the justice system.

Democrats, however, said Trump had faced the consequences of his actions. President Biden and Kamala Harris’s campaign team tweeted that the only way to keep Trump out of the White House is at the ballot box, and voters must remember this.

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