Trump Slams Defense Secretary – Claims He Should Be Fired

( – Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who failed to inform President Joe Biden that he was hospitalized for three days, recommending firing him “immediately.”

Austin sparked widespread criticism when news broke that he failed to inform Biden and the federal government that he entered the Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s intensive care unit on Jan. 1, which wasn’t known until three days after his admittance.

On Sunday night, Jan. 7, Trump commented on the scandal in a Truth Social post, describing Austin as a “failed Secretary of Defense” and saying he “should be fired immediately” for unprofessional conduct and the “dereliction” of his duty. Although the White House was only kept out of the loop for three days, Trump claimed that Austin was “missing for one week” and that “nobody,” including the president, knew “where [Austin] was, or might be.”

Trump also said Austin “performed poorly” as Secretary of Defense and “should have been dismissed long ago.” Trump concluded the statement by adding that he believes General Mark Milley should have been dismissed as well, citing the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which Trump called “perhaps the most embarrassing moment” in US history.

The former president isn’t the only one calling for Austin’s resignation. Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York followed Trump’s lead and also demanded the Secretary of Defense resign. Others, such as Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, a member of the Armed Services Committee, are demanding answers about Austin’s health conditions, why he ended up in the intensive care unit, and why he failed to inform anyone.

The White House responded to the calls for resignation by standing behind Austin, whom they had no intention of letting go of. The Pentagon verified that Austin underwent a medical procedure shortly before Christmas, on Dec. 22, and was sent back home the following day. He was readmitted on New Year’s Day when he began to experience severe pain after the procedure.

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