Trump Rages at Republicans Losing George Santos Seat

( – Former President Donald Trump lashed out at the GOP and Mazi Melesa Pilip, who he called “foolish” after she failed to claim victory over Democrat Tom Suozzi for a seat in the 3rd Congressional District of New York that was left open after Republicans ousted former Rep. George Santos.

Suozzi won the seat on Tuesday, Feb. 13, defeating Pilip in a special election to fill the seat after it was left vacant following the expulsion of Santos from Congress. Santos was hit with multiple fraud charges and came under federal investigation last year.

The loss means the Republican Party is closer to losing its majority in the House of Representatives, which is already a slim lead over the Democratic Party. The loss boosts the Democrats and party leader President Joe Biden as the November general election approaches.

In usual fashion, Trump took to his own social media platform Truth Social to weigh in on the development, where he accused Republicans of never learning their lesson and suggested that “maybe [Pilip] was still a Democrat.” Pilip has been registered as a member of the Democratic Party since 2012, yet she ran for the Nassau County Legislature in 2021 and then again in 2023 under the Republican ballot line. She was elected both times.

He also suggested that Pilip lost because she failed to ask for his support. Trump claimed to have “an almost 99% endorsement success rate” in primary elections as well as a good track record in general elections. He called Pilip a “foolish woman” for not endorsing him and trying to “straddle the fence” between both parties, and added that she would’ve won “easily” if she understood modern American politics.

Pilip was born in Ethiopia. When she was 12, she immigrated to Israel, where she later served in its military as a gunsmith. Pilip studied occupational therapy at the University of Haifa, and then diplomacy and security at Tel Aviv University. In 2005, she immigrated to the US and eventually became a citizen.

Suozzi beat Pilip in the special election by almost eight points. Trump said he’s familiar with Suozzi and believes he “can be easily beaten” if the GOP can serve up “a real candidate” come November.

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