Trump Promises Donors He Would Deport Anti-Israel Student Protesters

( – Former President Donald Trump promised donors at a roundtable discussion in New York last week that he would crack down on anti-Israel protesters on university campuses after a wave of demonstrations disrupted regular operations.

According to participants present at a meeting on Tuesday, May 14, who spoke with The Washington Post, Trump said that he would handle “any student that protests” by throwing them “out of the country.” The former president reportedly went on to note that “there are a lot of foreign students” in the US and that they would “behave” if they heard such threats.

The former president then claimed that the student demonstrators were part of a larger “radical revolution” in America, one which he plans to oppose if propelled back into the White House in November. Trump vowed to set this movement back by at least “25 to 30 years” if elected.

Trump didn’t just criticize the protesters, but also university administrations and law enforcement for not immediately cracking down on encampments erected on campuses, demonstrators blocking traffic on major roadways, and reports of Jewish students being harassed or even prevented from attending class. According to authorities, professional outside agitators may have infiltrated the protest movements on campuses in order to escalate the situation, such as in New York City where demonstrators went as far as to lock themselves into a building at Columbia University using industrial chains on every door.

During a spike in demonstrations in April, Trump questioned why the pro-Palestinian protesters and rioters were even “allowed to roam” cities, screaming, shouting, entering private property, bypassing permits, and disrupting commuter traffic. Trump said they have “basically” been allowed to “do whatever they want,” which includes “threatening Supreme Court Justices right in front of their homes.” The presumptive GOP nominee claimed a double standard existed as well, and that protesters who love America and want to make it “great again” aren’t allowed to protest peacefully without law enforcement shutting them down and ushering them off, which Trump said denies their Constitutional Rights.

Trump has stood firmly on Israel’s side in the conflict throughout his campaign and criticized President Joe Biden’s milquetoast stance on the matter, which is bleeding him votes amongst Democrats. Trump also promised mass deportations of illegal aliens if he wins.

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