Trump Popularity CHANGES – We Have New Numbers!

( – The popularity of former President Donald Trump has soared since he was indicted on 34 felony charges by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The GOP front-runner drew more than $18 million in total donations between January and March – $15 million of that total was raised in the two weeks following his indictment. He has also extended his lead in a number of polls.  

Two surveys, conducted by YouGov after the former President was indicted, show that he has taken a healthy lead over Joe Biden. One such poll placed Trump in first place with 44% of the vote, compared to 42% for President Biden. A second poll provided similar results, with Trump at 45% against Biden’s 43%. 

Mr. Trump said he was honored by his leading position and reiterated his belief that the Biden administration is facilitating wars all over the world. “Ukraine and Russia never would have happened if I were President — zero chance. It looks like China is going to happen with Taiwan. That never would have happened,” he said. He added that the current inflation crisis would also not have happened on his watch.

Meanwhile, voters in America are expressing growing concern about the direction of the country under President Biden. A CIVIQS poll conducted on April 14th found that 68% of Americans believe the US is going in the wrong direction. This is up by 6 points since January. 

In late March, polls hinted at the cause of the fall in the President’s popularity. The number one concern of voters was inflation. Under Biden, living costs have risen by $5,200 a year. Voters believe the underlying reason for rising inflation is the cost of energy, which they maintain should have been better handled by the current administration.

For example, last June, data showed that gas prices had more than doubled since Biden entered the White House in January 2021. On the day of his inauguration, gas was $2.39 per gallon. In June 2022, it was $4.81. 

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