Trump Opens Wide 15-Point Lead Over Biden

( – Donald Trump has a 15-point lead over President Biden in Iowa, almost double his 2020 victory margin. Trump won the Hawkeye State by 8% in 2020, but his popularity there is now soaring, according to a new Des Moines/Mediacom poll. The survey revealed that 48% intend to vote for Trump in November, compared to 33% who back Biden. It further revealed that 69% are unhappy with Biden’s Presidency, while only 29% expressed approval.

When asked if the US is going in the right direction, 79% said no, and 17% said yes. Regarding the President’s age, 56% believe he is too old to serve another term, while 35% believe the same about Trump. A 68% majority said they hold unfavorable views of Biden, while 47% said the same about Mr. Trump.

The findings mirror a nationwide trend and indicate what analysts say is a deeply troubling time for the President. As Super Tuesday on March 5 solidified Trump’s Republican nomination, polls find that people fondly remember the Trump White House and believe he will better handle the most critical issues, including the economy and immigration. In a CBS poll, 46% said Trump’s Presidency was excellent or good, with just 33% believing the same about Mr. Biden’s Oval Office term.

According to a New York Times survey, most Americans now believe that the economy is much worse under President Biden. A 74% majority believe life is worse economically than when Trump was in the White House, and 72% said migration will decrease during a second Donald Trump term.

NBC, meanwhile, finds that Trump is 20% ahead of Biden in handling the economy, and on immigration, the gap is even wider at 30%. On competence, voters put Trump ahead by 16%, and just 37% approve of President Biden’s approach to the Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas. The national NBC poll found that 47% will vote for Trump in November, compared to 42% who will cast their ballot for Joe Biden.

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