Trump Just Delivered His First Response!

( – Donald Trump has responded to President Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech with a ferocious attack on the current situation at the southern border and high levels of corruption in US politics.

Trump said that millions of migrants have crossed the border since Biden came to office, and he promised that he would initiate a deportation program if he returns to the White House in 2024. He also took aim at crime, drugs, and inflation.

Trump is the only declared GOP candidate for 2024 and has used the SOTU to set out his stall and declare his priorities to the American people. He addressed the scourge of Fentanyl, a lethal drug that is overtaking heroin as the life-destroying street drug of choice.

The drug, which is manufactured in Mexico using chemicals from China, is being smuggled into America in vast quantities – last year alone, enough Fentanyl to kill the entire US population was illegally imported. 

The former President also pointed to the economic disadvantage faced by American families since Biden took office. “Real wages are down 21 months in a row, gas prices have soared and are now going much higher than ever before, and the typical American family is paying $2,200 in increased energy and food costs each year,” he said.

As was to be expected, Trump lambasted the current administration for weaponizing federal agencies against Republicans and conservatives. He believes that the FBI and the Justice Department were used to silence stories critical of the Bidens before the 2020 election and that the Biden administration has waged a war on free speech.

He said he will “shatter the left-wing censorship regime” and restore the right to speak for all Americans. He also referenced the “mutilation” of children and warned that Biden is taking us to the brink of World War III. 

He ended by saying he would reverse every crisis caused by the Biden administration and finish the job of making America great again. 

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