Trump Jr. Claims DOJ Deliberately Planned Hunter Charges to Evade Deposition

Des Moines, IA/USA October 13, 2020 - Donald Trump Jr holds a rally at the Iowa State Capitol for his father, President Donald Trump.

( – Donald Trump Jr. made a damning claim last Thursday about the timing of the latest criminal charges brought against Hunter Biden, claiming the charges were “planned” in a way to interfere with Hunter Biden’s deposition that took place yesterday.

For failing to pay the Internal Revenue Service (URS) $1.4 million in taxes, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) recently hit Hunter Biden with an indictment consisting of nine charges, three of which are felonies and six misdemeanor tax offenses. If convicted, Hunter Biden could face up to 17 years behind bars, but Trump Jr. thinks it’s all a ruse to disrupt Hunter’s scheduled deposition before the House of Representatives Oversight Committee.

One week ago, Trump Jr. posted on Twitter after the charges were announced, writing that he believes the indictment of Hunter Biden “was planned” so it could be used “as the excuse” for him “to not testify before Congress.”

“Mark my words,” Trump Jr. said, that Hunter Biden “will end up with nothing or [a] slap on the wrist” to “make sure he evades the thousands of things” under scrutiny by the Oversight Committee. Before the indictment, the committee chair, Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer, and his fellow GOP colleagues had been duking it out with the younger Biden and his legal team who tried to control the conditions for Hunter Biden’s deposition.

Trump Jr. found an alley in former US attorney Brett Tollman, who agreed with his assessment of the timing. Tollman pointed out on Fox News that the charges against Hunter Biden could have been brought “much earlier,” but that that didn’t happen “because they wanted to try and slip one past the American public” in “an effort to also protect” Hunter Biden’s father, President Joe Biden. The former attorney said the first son will most likely plead the fifth.

Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene of Georgia also called the announcement “timely” given that Hunter Biden “is supposed to show up at your committee.” She also noted how the DOJ never would’ve charged Hunter Biden “without the IRS whistleblower’s courageous testimonies.”

The two whistleblowers, Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, also commented on the news, noting how they “risked” their “careers and reputations to bring out the truth. The pair said the indictments completely vindicates their “thorough investigation” and” underscores the wide agreement by investigators and prosecutors” that charges against Hunter Biden are supported by evidence.

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