Trump is Done if Primary Voters Keep Abandoning Him

( – A GOP strategist delivered a warning that the chances of former President Donald Trump winning the presidential election in November may be in danger if primary voters keep abandoning him at the polls leading up to it.

Political consultant Mike Madrid, who co-founded the liberal political action committee the Lincoln Project, believes the recent conviction of Trump in New York may hurt the former president’s campaign as some Republican voters distance themselves after the guilty verdict announcement.

On Thursday, May 30, a Manhattan jury handed Trump a guilty verdict on all 34 counts in the hush money trial against him in New York. The unprecedented decision marked the first time in American history that a former president was convicted of a felony crime. Madrid noted on social media that the primaries on Tuesday, June 4, in New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota, and New Mexico are the first contests since the verdict and represent the “first clean look” at how voters have taken the news of Trump’s conviction.

Madrid said that the former president “has a continuing problem” with the Republican base, and he said that problem “ain’t small,” noting that large portions of voters are still not choosing him even with every other contender out of the race.

Before the guilty verdict, although Trump dominated the primary contests in every state, a large percentage of GOP voters did not side with the former president. Shortly after dropping out of the race, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley still received over 77,000 votes in the Georgia primary and continued to receive them going forward.

The Tuesday results found that Trump won almost 85% of GOP support in New Mexico, while the remaining 15% was distributed among other candidates no longer in the race and “uncommitted.” Haley took 8% of the votes in that state, and the numbers weren’t much different in the other states, such as New Jersey, where 15% of GOP voters also didn’t pick Trump.

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