Trump Fights BACK – Indictment Labeled ‘Witch Hunt’

( – Former President Donald Trump is not happy with the district attorney in Georgia who indicted him on Monday, whom he called “very corrupt” and accused of participating in a witch hunt against him.

Shortly after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis announced that Trump and 18 associates had been indicted by a grand jury for an alleged conspiracy to overturn the Georgia 2020 presidential election results, Trump shared his thoughts about Willis and the indictment on his Truth Social page. Noting that 19 people were indicted on Monday night, including himself, Trump declared that “the witch hunt continues!”

The former president said Willis is “out of control and very corrupt, and that she “campaigned and raised money” on a platform that revolved around the slogan “I will get Trump.”

Trump also asked about indictment documents that were posted earlier in the day, “long before the Grand Jury even voted,” but “quickly withdrawn.” He then said it “sounds rigged” and asked why he wasn’t indicted two-and-a-half years ago, answering that “they wanted to do it right in the middle of my political campaign.” He ended his message by repeating the proclamation, “Witch Hunt!”

The withdrawn indictment documents Trump was referring to had to do with the court website. Hours before an indictment from the grand jury, a post on the court’s website suggested the former president was already charged before it was quickly deleted, according to an ABC report. The error may present an opening for Trump to legally contest Willis’ case and accuse the system of being rigged against him on the campaign trail.

It’s hard not to believe Trump when he says a witch hunt is in motion, especially when one considers that he’s the first former president to be hit with criminal charges, let alone hit from four different places simultaneously. Whether one likes or dislikes him, the persecution hasn’t hurt his poll numbers and may even be helping the former president regain some of the support he’s lost since leaving office.

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