Trump Dismisses Democracy Threat Claims as ‘Hoax,’ Labels Biden Real Threat

( – Democrats are ramping up the anti-Trump rhetoric by claiming that if former President Donald Trump retakes the White House in the 2024 election, it would threaten democracy itself. Trump addressed and dismissed such claims as “misinformation” and a “hoax” during a recent speech, calling President Joe Biden the “real threat.”

Trump was the guest of honor at the New York Young Republican Club’s (NYYRC) 111th Annual Gala on Saturday, December 16, and delivered a keynote speech to his constituents. During the speech, the former president said President Joe Biden’s “Banana Republic” would be over in November 2024, after the election.

According to Trump, the “newest hoax” unveiled by “radical left Democrats” alongside “their fake news allies” is that he and the GOP threaten democracy itself. Trump called this claim “their new line” and compared the rhetoric to the Russian collusion hoax, the Mueller report, and war rhetoric surrounding Ukraine. “Here we go again,” the former president said.

At a recent Los Angeles fundraiser, Biden said that “the greatest threat Trump poses is to democracy.” Democrats have followed suit with the same rhetoric.

Trump told the audience in New York, which featured such prominent guests as Rudi Giuliani and Steve Bannon, that he’s “not a threat” and will, in fact, “save democracy.” He then added that “Crooked Joe Biden” is the real threat. He deemed any claims to the contrary should not be called “the threat to democracy hoax.”

Trump also added that the media and the Democratic Party think their latest hoax “will save Biden from having created the worst inflation” in American history, as well as “a fragile economy” heading toward a potential depression “like 1929.” Trump reiterated that the US is “very, very close to a depression,” unlike anything Americans have ever seen, noting that the national debt is now at $36 trillion as Biden “has no clue” what he’s doing.

The former president faces 91 federal charges in four separate indictments, yet he remains the Republican primary frontrunner for the 2024 nomination. Trump has also warned the Biden administration that the indictments could result in retaliation should he return to the White House.

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