Trump Connection BROKEN – Relative’s NEW Identity?

( – Even before former President Donald Trump served in the White House, the name “Trump” carried many connotations with it, which can be negative for some and positive for others. Trump’s former sister-in-law, Blaine Trump, has quietly ditched the last name.

Blaine Trump, who now goes by her maiden name, Beard, is the ex-wife of the former president’s brother, Robert Trump. It was revealed in a letter sent out to supporters of a charity organization called God’s Love We Deliver, of which she is vice chair, that she nonchalantly ditched the Trump surname.

The letter was an invitation to an upcoming awards dinner, which will honor Ben Platt and Scarlett Johansson this year, and was signed by three chairpersons, including Blaine Trump but only using her first name. On the charity website, she’s listed as Blaine Beard. Tables for the exclusive award ceremony go for as much as $150,000.

Blaine Trump was married to Robert, the former president’s younger brother, from 1984 until 2009. Robert also adopted her son, Christopher Trump-Retchin, who came from a previous relationship.

The two went through a lengthy divorce battle, which was initiated when it was discovered that Robert bought a house for his mistress for $3.7 million. Blaine Trump overdosed when she made the discovery, ending up in the hospital.

Robert died in 2020. Neither Blaine Trump nor Christopher were invited to attend his funeral. In an interview with Town & Country the same year, she mentioned not going by the Trump name in California because “it isn’t popular” there. In another interview from 2022, she told a story to the magazine about how a waiter once told her that “he wouldn’t have served” Blaine Trump if he knew who her family was.

As her former brother-in-law faces four separate indictments during his third presidential campaign, it appears Blaine Trump would like others to call her Beard and to keep her distance from politics as much as possible.

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