Trump Claims Bowman Should be Prosecuted for Obstruction

( – Former President Donald Trump called for the prosecution and imprisonment of Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York on Sunday, the day after the congressman pulled a fire alarm on Capitol Hill.

On Saturday morning, shortly before a scheduled House vote on a bill to fund the government, Bowman pulled the alarm inside the Cannon House Office Building. The whole office building was evacuated as a result. Bowman claims he pulled the alarm by accident.

Trump responded to the incident on his social media platform, Truth Social, where he wrote that Bowman should “be prosecuted and imprisoned… for pulling and setting off the main fire alarm system,” which he called “very dangerous.” Trump says Bowman did it “to stop a Congressional vote,” a serious accusation. The former president noted that the actions of Bowman, which he called “egregious,” were caught on tape.

He then said the New York congressman should suffer the same fate as Jan. 6 prisoners for committing the same crime they’re being accused of, which is obstruction of an official proceeding. The Democrats have been arguing that those who stormed the Capitol building were trying to stop the certification of the 2020 election results by Congress to officially declare President Joe Biden as President-Elect. Trump even said Bowman’s actions “may have been worse” than the Jan. 6 incident.

Law enforcement said they were investigating on Sunday, and so did the House Administration Committee, which oversees the House grounds and is also controlled by Republicans.

Bowman maintains that he was not trying to disrupt the vote on a bipartisan budget bill that would delay a government shutdown for another 45 days. Democrats nearly unanimously supported the bill, which passed the House.

Bowman said he was “rushing” to make the vote, “came to a door,” and “is usually open” during votes that didn’t open. He posted on Twitter that he’s “embarrassed to admit.” He set the alarm off, thinking it would open the door. Trump, of course, and many other Republicans are not buying it.

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