Trump Calls Judge’s Ruling A ‘Radical Attack’ Against Him

( – After a New York judge ruled that former President Donald Trump defrauded insurers and banks for many years, Trump called the decision a “radical attack” against himself and his family.

Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the former president and his two sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., committed fraud against banks and insurance companies by exaggerating net worth and overvaluing assets in the course of building a real estate empire. The 35-page decision completely rejected Trump’s arguments that he didn’t inflate the value of any of his assets on financial statements, including hotels, homes, and golf courses. Engoron called the arguments “a fantasy world” and “not the real world.”

The ruling comes in support of Letitia James, the New York Attorney General who launched the $250 thousand civil lawsuit against the former president a year ago in September 2022, after which Trump countersued to stop the probe into his business matters. On top of the penalty, James is also trying to ban Trump from doing business in the state of New York.

Trump responded after the recent decision by Engoron to allow the case to proceed, claiming that the ruling is part of a “widespread, radical attack” against him, his family members, and his supporters. He called Engoron “deranged” and accused the state judge of “doing the bidding” of James, whom he described as “biased and corrupt.” He said the ruling is a “refutation” of his “status as the leading candidate” for president, including over Biden.

The trial is now cleared to start Monday and will last until sometime in December. James said Trump and three of his children will be called as witnesses. Trump is currently the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, and on top of the civil case in New York, he’s also facing four indictments.

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