Trump Blasted for ‘Human Scum’ Memorial Day Post

( – Donald Trump is under fire for a Memorial Day social media post in which he described several people as “human scum.” Writing on his Truth Social account, Mr. Trump wished Americans a happy holiday weekend, “including the Human Scum that is working so hard to destroy our Once Great Country.”

The former President went on to detail who he believes comes under that heading, including the Judges who oversaw his criminal trial in New York City and the civil trial initiated by author E. Jean Carroll, who won her defamation case against him. Trump likewise described Judge Arthur Engoron, who issued him a fine of almost $500 million, as a “state wacko.”

Political opponents, including the Biden-Harris campaign, quickly seized on the social media post and accused Mr. Trump of ignoring America’s fallen troops. Republicans Against Trump wrote that the former President is “utterly unfit for office.”

Media critics compared Trump’s posts to those of previous Presidents, while one challenged the Republican Party to repeat the message to voters and constituents across the country.

The former President’s son, Eric Trump, was subject to similar criticism on the same day. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who served in the US Air Force, lashed out at Eric Trump when he reposted a photo from another Twitter user featuring the Trumps under a caption describing them as the “family that gave up everything to Save America.” Trump Jr. added, “And we will do it again.”

Rep. Kinzinger reprimanded the Republican nominee’s son and told him that his family had sacrificed nothing for America. “You don’t know the first thing about service,” he wrote.

Others agreed, including some serving military personnel, who questioned how the Trumps could describe themselves as America’s saviors when none have served in the armed forces. One Twitter user described Eric Trump’s post as a “big FU to Gold Star Families on Memorial Day.” Dozens of people expressed similar sentiments, insisting the post insulted the US military and veterans.

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