Trump and Judge Engoron Trade Jabs During Testimony In Civil Trial

( – Donald Trump used his testimony in his civil fraud trial to argue with the judge, answer filibuster questions, and attack New York Attorney General Letitia James, The Associated Press reported.

A belligerent Trump took the stand on Monday, where he sparred with New York Judge Arthur Engoron, making personal attacks at both the judge and Attorney General James, whom he described as a “political hack.”

Trump boasted on the stand that he was worth “billions of dollars more than the financial statements” reflect and disputed the Attorney General’s claims that he deceived financial institutions and insurance companies.

The angry Trump said his actions were “the opposite of fraud” and called out the attorney general, saying, “The fraud is her.”

The contentious exchanges and Judge Engoron’s frequent rebukes turned Monday’s trial into a circus, with Trump refusing to bend to the traditional courtroom etiquette governed by legal protocol and rules of evidence.

Trump used his time on the stand as campaign fodder to push his claims of political persecution and “election interference” by government prosecutors and judges.

During a break in proceedings, Trump held an impromptu press conference outside of the courtroom, where he declared it “a very sad day for America.” He told reporters, “People are sick and tired of what’s happening.”

Trump has taken a particular interest in his civil fraud trial, likely stung by the suggestion that he is worth far less than he claimed.

While testifying on Monday, Trump declared that he is worth “billions” more than the financial statements claim and accused the prosecution of trying to “demean” and “hurt” him for “political reasons.”

Trump frequently refused to simply answer the questions asked, choosing instead to filibuster each question with long-winded responses. At one point, a frustrated Judge Engoron told Trump’s attorney to control his client “if you can,” adding, “If you can’t, I will.”

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