Transgender Man Charged For Heinous Threats To Children

( – A man identifying as a transgender woman was hit with a 14-felony-count indictment this week after allegedly threatening to harm young girls in public bathrooms and to shoot up a school in order to murder children in retaliation for so-called “transphobia” in society.

Jason Lee Willie, who now goes by the name Alexia Willie, was arrested in Perry County, Illinois, in August and released less than two days later on a bond of $0. What led to the arrest was a social media livestream intercepted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in which Willie made various threats. Now, he faces an indictment of 14 felony counts.

According to court records filed at the beginning of November, Willie referenced the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, earlier this month and the children slain in the massacre. Willie said that wasn’t “the last of them” if those expressing “transphobic” views don’t “shut the f*** up out here.”

Willie said “a lot of transgenders” out in the world “are tired of being picked on” and are willing to “go into the schools” to kill children because they’re “at war.” Willie then went on to call out the Republican Party, asking them what they were “going to do about” them.

Multiple times during the livestream, Willie threatened to assault girls in public bathrooms and claimed no one could “do sh*t about it.”

Additionally, Willie threatened to deliberately infect women with HIV using a needle, and he also called out comedian Dave Chappelle, whose jokes about transgender people have sparked controversy over the last couple of years. Willie also specifically targeted Christians in his rant, calling them “trash” and “white supremacists.”

Before the current indictment, prosecutors had difficulty charging Willie because he did not name any specific targets in his rant.

The issue of “transgenderism” has become a hot-button topic throughout the nation and one of the major dividing lines between Democrats (who support the notion) and Republicans (who generally oppose it).

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