Trans Woman Wins First Place – Loses Everything Else

( – A man who won a women’s cycling contest was left alone on the winner’s podium when the female competitors refused to join him. Wesley Mumford, a 46-year-old who began “transitioning” in 2017, won first place in a grueling race through the mountains of Colorado. Lindsey Kriete was in second place, a full 17 minutes behind. Michelle Van Sickle crossed the finish line in third place, more than half an hour after Mumford.

Neither Kreite nor Van Sickle would stand on the platform with him.

The cyclist posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account and was immediately taken to task for stealing the winner’s spot. Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly said women’s cycling had effectively been destroyed. “No wonder female athletes are quitting,” she said.

Inga Thompson, a champion cyclist, posted the picture of Mumford standing alone on her Twitter account and said the “silent protests” have started.

Cycling is one of the sports most affected by the inclusion of males identifying as female. Austin Killips won the UCI stage race at the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico in early May. Last year, a women’s velodrome competition in London saw first and second place go to men. 

The body that governs cycling in Britain eventually decided that a male, Emily Bridges, could not compete in high-level women’s competitions. The decision provoked outcries of bigotry and a statement from Bridges saying transwomen are “punching bags.”

The phenomenon of men in women’s competitions goes back some years and affects several sports. Michelle Dumaresq won the right to compete in women’s cycling in Canada back in 2003. Since then, the floodgates have opened. By 2022, men were competing against women in running, skiing, volleyball, weightlifting, golf, swimming, rugby, and handball. Men have even come first in female beauty contests. 

In 2021, the first trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox fought against Tamikka Brents, a biological woman. The referee stopped the fight after two minutes. Brents suffered a concussion and a skull fracture.

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