Trans Controversy Erupts When Girls Basketball Game Ends In Forfeit

( – A video of a male trans-identified basketball player injuring a female player in a high school game went viral this week, sparking the latest outrage from critics of so-called “gender ideology,” which has become one of the most divisive subjects in America.

The basketball game between two teams of high school girls in Massachusetts was forfeited during halftime after multiple players suffered injuries on the court while playing against a trans-identified male with facial hair and measuring six feet tall.

The game was between the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell and the KIPP Academy girls’ basketball teams. The coach from the charter school’s team called the game off early after multiple players were injured, according to a press release by the school. The press release also reiterated that the charter school is committed to “inclusivity and safety.” The press release stated that with “four players unable to play” and the bench “already depleted,” the coach decided to “end the game early.”

The statement also said that after the third player was injured, the five who remained all expressed concern to their coach about allowing the game to continue, fearing they would risk more injuries and not be “able to compete in the playoffs.” The school supported the decision but also emphasized a continued commitment to promoting “inclusivity,” “safety,” “equity,” and “access for all student-athletes.”

In a viral video from the game, a tall male player with long blonde hair in a ponytail can be seen pulling the basketball from a female player, who is then dragged to the ground from the force and obviously in pain. It sparked outrage from political and social commentators, including former Olympic swimmer Riley Gaines, who has been fighting to keep males out of women’s and girls’ sports. Gaines said that it “used to be called domestic abuse” for men to hit women but that it’s now called “brave.”

Gaines testified before Congress last year about the grave risk of allowing male athletes to compete against females in their sports leagues and competitions. She said it not only takes away opportunities from female athletes but also puts them at risk of exploitation in locker rooms and physical injury while competing. The recent incident in Massachusetts further proves her testimony to be true.

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