Trans Athlete Gets COCKY – Gloats Over Landslide Victory

( – Yet again, a biological male defeats a bunch of girls in sports, and this one is openly proud of the victory.

Lorelei Barrett, a California high school sophomore at the Herman Oaks Buckley School, was allowed to compete against girls in track for a 1600m race. He’s the second boy who identifies as a girl at the private school to be allowed in to race against girls this year.

Barrett took third place in the race, claiming the bronze position from a girl who should have been awarded it, saying he was “very proud” of himself. The other trans-identifying boy, high junior Athena Ryan of Sonoma Academy, took second place on Saturday in the 1,600m finals. He and Barrett will advance to the state championships for track and field next week.

A few protesters defending girls’ and women’s sports showed up with signs, but security removed them. They weren’t the only ones upset by the situation, though. The fourth-place winner in the race Ryan competed in, who would’ve been in the top three if the trans student wasn’t allowed to compete, expressed her disapproval by giving a thumbs down while standing on her podium spot.

Democrats recently blocked the passage of a bill that would have preserved girls’ and women’s sports by preventing biological males from competing against females. The bill was supported by former Olympic swimmer Riley Gaines, who’s been on a mission to spread the message around about what’s happening to her fellow athletes.

Trans radical activists believe preventing trans-identifying males from competing in sports in line with their so-called “gender identity” is a violation of their human rights. When Gaines visited San Francisco State University to speak last month, activists shut down the event, attacked her, and she was escorted by police to a back room where she was barricaded for three hours.

The issue of trans-identifying individuals competing in sports as well as using bathrooms and locker rooms in line with their gender identity is coming to a head in America, with many states already passing legislation to push back against gender ideology.

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