Top Republican TARGETED By Terrorists – But She Won’t Stand Down

Kari Lake Targeted By Terrorists --- See Her Response

Kari Lake Targeted By Terrorists – See Her Response

( – Opening thousands of pieces of mail that inundate a vigorous campaign is usually one of the more boring jobs campaign workers face. Yet, those volunteering for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake got an incredible scare on Sunday, November 6, when they opened a letter to find a suspicious powdery white substance accompanied by a threatening letter. Alarmed staffers called the police and FBI about the terror threat, but several workers had already come into contact with the letter and substance.

Mere hours before election day, authorities shut down Lake’s Phoenix campaign office to retrieve the envelope and substance, check additional packages, and decontaminate the scene. First responders retrieved multiple envelopes, according to officials. While initial reports indicated the FBI submitted samples for testing at Quantico, amendments suggested authorities opted for local testing; exposed staff members were under observation.

Lake responded to the incident, telling a crowd at a campaign event at Queen Creek on Sunday evening, “We’re in dangerous times… this is not the first time we’ve been threatened. I’ve been threatened many times.” On Monday, Colton Duncan, a campaign spokesman, issued a statement explaining the incident, which said, in part, “our resolve has never been higher, and we cannot be intimidated.”

Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the Republican National Committee, called the media to task over biased coverage that she claims ignores threats to GOP politicians and heightens antagonistic political rhetoric.

Has the media downplayed threats to Republicans? Is political rhetoric to blame for this incident?

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