Top Law Firm Refuses To Hire From This Ivy League University

( – In protest of Harvard University President Claudine Gay’s controversial testimony before Congress, a top law firm is now cutting ties with the university and no longer conducting interviews on Harvard’s campus.

The controversy started when Gay appeared at a House Education and Workforce Committee hearing and avoided answering questions during her testimony about whether or not students who call for the “genocide of Jews” violate the university’s code of conduct. Her testimony had several consequences, the latest of which is that a top law firm is disassociating from the school.

According to Jay Edelson, CEO of Edelson PC, the law firm will no longer conduct recruitment interviews at Harvard Law School and will instead seek talent from other pools. Edelson announced this in a letter he sent to the university’s recruitment director, informing them of the firm’s decision on Thursday, Dec. 14.

In the letter, Edelson wrote that his firm “along with the rest of the nation” saw Gay’s testimony and her refusal “to unequivocally state that advocating for genocide” violates the code of conduct even when she “certainly knew to expect the types of questions” Congress would ask. The CEO said her testimony wasn’t “merely a slip of the tongue” and noted Gay’s political and social studies background and “her extensive experience and preparation with a crisis management team.”

Edelson PC is one of the most prominent plaintiff law firms that go to Ivy League schools, such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, to recruit most of its employees and summer associates, earning its clients around $45 billion in settlements, the most notable of which were multi-million dollar cases against Roblox and Facebook. According to the firm’s website, six graduates from Harvard currently work at Edelson PC.

Edelson said he’s disappointed in the Harvard president’s refusal to clearly condemn antisemitic speech and sentiments on campus, although Gay later apologized for her testimony. And despite receiving support from the university board, there have still been calls for her resignation.

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