Top GOP Senator Endorses Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump just keeps collecting endorsements, even in the face of multiple indictments and states throwing him off primary ballots. The latest to officially board the Trump Train is now the highest-ranking Republican to back the former president: Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming.

The Senate Republican Conference chair says he’s all in for the former president to return to the White House. Barrasso told Fox News during an appearance on Tuesday, Jan. 9, that when Trump was in office, the US “had the best economy” in his lifetime and most Americans’ lifetimes. He described his endorsement as a “new conservative-led partnership” with Trump that would “restore American greatness.”

Barrasso cited “energy independence,” enemies who feared the US, and “a secure border” as some of the reasons he feels the country was in a better state when Trump was commander-in-chief. In contrast, under President Joe Biden, Barrasso noted that prices are higher and the border is “wide open.”

The Senate’s highest-ranking GOP member also released a statement after the initial announcement in which he maintains that conservative leadership requires “putting freedom ahead of government power” and a strong economy “over government subsidies.” He added that it also means prioritizing American energy sources that are “affordable, available,” and “reliable,” as well as putting energy workers in the US “back on top.”

Barrasso, who is running for re-election in November, is believed to be the most likely pick to replace Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky for the Republican Senate Minority Leader position. Although McConnell says he plans on remaining in office until the end of his current term in the Senate, which would be January 2027, the 81-year-old hasn’t confirmed if he’ll remain the GOP Senate leader come November. After a series of health issues last year, it doesn’t seem likely.

Trump thanked Barasso in a public comment on his Truth Social page, calling the endorsement “powerful.” The former president described the senator as “a truly extraordinary man” whom he both likes and respects. So far, Trump has received endorsements from 20 out of the Senate’s 49 GOP members.

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