Top Democrat HORRIFIED After Sudden Election Defeat!

( – Mayor of New York City Eric Adams has said that Lori Lightfoot’s loss in Chicago is a “warning sign for the country.” He said that crime had been a major issue for the residents of the Windy City and he understands it is the same in New York. “We have to be safe,” he said.

Lori Lightfoot was the first incumbent to lose a Mayoral election in Chicago in more than 4 decades when she failed to make it through the first round of voting in late February. The winner of the 9-candidate contest was Paul Vallas, who ran on a tough-on-crime ticket and has won the support of the city’s largest police union. He will face left-wing Brandon Johnson in a run-off in April. Lightfoot has blamed her loss, at least partly, on racism and sexism, but did not concede that the growth in crime in her city was a major factor. Serious offenses increased by 33% during her time in office. 

Lawlessness in left-wing cities is becoming a greater and greater issue as the reality of liberal policies begins to hit home. In New York City, homelessness and petty crime exploded when southern states began shipping border crossers to these self-declared places of sanctuary. Eric Adams quickly said he could take no more people and was running out of money. He even declared a state of emergency and started to send migrants north to Canada. 

Seattle, another Democratic city with left-wing leaders, is one of the 50 most dangerous cities in the US, and in parts, crime is 156% above the national average. Bowing down to the demands of anarchists Black Lives Matter, Portland in Oregon withdrew funding from law enforcement and saw a rapid rise in homicides and other crimes.

The result was a humiliating U-turn for the city’s politicians who were forced to reinstate police funding. San Francisco has considered rescinding its “sanctuary” status due to a flood of Fentanyl on its streets, sold by illegal immigrants.   

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