Top Dem GETS It – Largest In HISTORY!

( – For misuse of public funds during his dud of a presidential campaign, former Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is being fined nearly half a million dollars, which is the largest fine ever handed out by the Conflicts of Interest Board.

According to the order, de Blasio used city funds to cover the travel expenses of a New York Police Department security detail while running for president, hired to accompany the former Mayor and his wife on 31 trips out of New York for his campaign.

Although his campaign only lasted four months before he dropped out, de Blasio spent nearly $320,000 in expenses related to traveling – flights, rental cars, food, accommodations, and more. The board also claims he was warned before launching his campaign that it was against the law to use state security detail for traveling out of the state for a presidential run.

The former mayor of the Big Apple is now facing around $475,000 in fines for his misuse of public money while campaigning, more than the Conflicts of Interest Board ever fined anyone.

This isn’t the first time de Blasio was hit with a fine over his failed campaign: his committee was charged with accepting and failing to disclose contributions made improperly from the NY Fairness PAC and Fairness PAC, which were set up by de Blasio and others. They agreed to the payment of the fine of $53,100.

De Blasio now refuses to pay the latest fine against him. After the ruling was issued, his lawyers filed a lawsuit against New York City in return.

In a recent interview, de Blasio admitted that although he learned from the experience, his presidential campaign was a big mistake. He said he only thought it was the right move out of “extreme stubbornness” and what he described as “tunnel vision.” No longer in politics, de Blasio now teaches at NYU.

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