Top Biden Official Under Investigation Linked To Iranian Spy Ring

( – A former Biden administration Iranian envoy has been linked to a “spying ring” with intentions of skewing US foreign policy in favor of Iran. Robert Malley, who is under FBI investigation for mishandling classified material, stands accused of helping Iranian spies gain access to sensitive American information at the State Department and the Pentagon.

The alleged spying network came into being in 2014 with the creation of the Iran Experts Initiative (IEI). This influence operation recruited some of Iran’s brightest minds to work for a favorable nuclear deal in the West for the notorious Islamic regime. It answers the equally infamous Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), a designated terrorist organization that uses an iron fist to maintain control in Iran.

Recently published emails show Malley assisting an Iranian agent named Ariane Tabatabai in her bid to gain access to the highest levels of the US government, including securing her a spot as chief of staff for the assistant secretary of defense for special operations, Christopher Maier.

The emails, written over several years, shine a light on groups of American-Iranian academics recruited by the Islamic regime and given instructions on infiltrating American institutions. Those involved frequently met with Iranian leaders to receive orders and pledge their allegiance to the regime.

The IEI, according to the emails, consists of groups of 6–10 individuals of Iranian heritage “who have established affiliation with the leading international think tanks and academic institutions.” According to the written communications, Malley hired, credentialed, and funded the individuals.

Mr. Malley was placed on administrative leave in July following the suspension of his security clearance after allegations of document mishandling. State Department spokesperson Matt Miller confirmed his suspension but would not comment on the reasons or what had prompted the cessation of his security clearance. His role at the Department was to help revive the Iranian nuclear deal, which relieved some sanctions and was introduced by Obama but overturned by President Trump.

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