Top Biden Official DEFLECTS QUESTION – Is There More Going On?

( – Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has once again refused to accept that there is a crisis on the US southern border and said that the weather is to blame for mass migration from South America to the United States.

He also made the extraordinary statement that “borders are irrelevant.” The Democrat furthermore referred to the US as a nation of immigrants and said we are not the only country facing huge levels of migration. 

The notion of America as a nation of immigrants is frequently touted by the left wing to downplay the increasing emergency in the south of the nation. What is not taken into account is the fact that record levels of illegal immigration are taking place, and there is little or no vetting of those arriving through both sides of the border.

The huge influx is taking its toll financially and even self-declared places of sanctuary are saying they’ve had enough. New York, Chicago, and San Francisco have all been forced to confront the realities of the unprecedented predicament of handling millions of illegal immigrants in a single year. Furthermore, a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll in 2021 found that 74% of Americans do believe the country is in crisis and something has to be done to stop the flow of unlawful border crossings. 

Mayorkas has maintained throughout his time at the Department of Homeland Security that there is little cause for concern and that the border is under control. In January, Republican lawmakers filed articles of impeachment against him. Rep. Pat Fallon, who led the charge against Mayorkas, said, “Secretary Mayorkas’s potential impeachment is not an accident.

He has willfully abdicated his duties as Secretary of Homeland Security and actively misled Congress and the American people. To make any progress at our southern border, he must go.”

In testimony before Congress last November, the Homeland Security Secretary once again insisted the border is secure. Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, who chaired the event, said he is denying reality. 

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