Thousands of Child Offenders Released Into Communities

Thousands of Child Abusers Released Into CA Communities

( – Currently, one in every nine girls and one in every 53 boys under the age of 18 will experience some form of abuse before reaching adulthood, according to the Registered Offenders List. Amidst an epidemic of deviant crime against children, the Daily Mail has published an investigative report showing the state of California has systematically released thousands of child abusers back into communities after serving less than an average of three years in prison.

So, what did the report specifically find?

Using data gathered from the California Megan’s Law registry, the Daily Mail collated information on nearly 55,000 convicted offenders charged on or before July 2019.

  • Of those, nearly 42,000, or 76%, committed offenses against children
  • More than 7,000 of the almost 20,000 who committed “lewd or lascivious acts” with a minor younger than 14 served less than a year in prison. Offenders served just two years and 11 months, on average
  • Overall, the average offender served two years and 10 months — less than three years in prison for committing a life-altering crime on innocent victims too small to fight back.

It’s important to note that recidivism, or the chances of re-offending after release from prison, is four times higher for this type of offender than for other criminals, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Jon Hatami, a Deputy District Attorney (DDA) for Los Angeles County who specializes in prosecuting child abuse cases, blamed California’s Proposition 57, which provides a path for early release and rehabilitation for non-violent criminals. He also blamed Los Angeles District Attorney (and his boss), George Gascón, for the lax prosecution and sentences.

Hatami told the Daily Mail, “Thousands of child victims are being denied justice” because Gascón and a cadre of “radical” prosecutors simply don’t care about the victims. Still, the DA’s greatest fear is that the early release of these perpetrators will “endanger our future generation of children.” He summarized, “It’s a disgrace.”

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