This Democrat “Estimate” Was WRONG All Along!

( – Having initially estimated the migrant crisis would cost New York City taxpayers at least $2 billion to deal with, it turns out Mayor Eric Adams wasn’t quite on the nose – the crisis could actually cost more than double that estimate by the year 2024.

The New York Post obtained a City Hall memo on Tuesday detailing the amount of money to be spent through June 2024, and the sum is $4.2 billion. The $1 billion New York Gov. Kathy Hochul plans on giving the city over the next two years won’t even cover 30% of the shelter costs, according to the Office of Management and Budget’s statement in the memo.

Nearly 50,000 migrants have arrived in NYC since last spring, and it’s putting a strain on the city’s resources at a time when it’s already struggling to get get back on its feet after the pandemic lockdowns, which gutted the economy and destroyed small businesses in every neighborhood.

Last week, some consequences of President Joe Biden’s open border policy and Mayor Adam’s commitment to sheltering migrants came to a head when a few dozen single male asylum seekers (accompanied and egged on by left-wing activists) decided to occupy the sidewalk outside the Watson Hotel in Hells’ Kitchen.

It all started when the migrants were all ordered to vacate the hotel in order to make room for migrant families to stay there instead of single men. The city set up a new communal shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and bussed those staying at the hotel in Manhattan over there, yet some refused to leave their cushier circumstances in Hell’s Kitchen.

During the second day (of three) that the migrants occupied the front of the hotel, Biden visited Manhattan yet refused to visit any of the migrant shelters. Instead, he took a gander at a giant hole in the ground for a new rail tunnel just a couple of miles away from the hotel.

On Sunday, Mayor Adams spent the coldest winter night of the year with the migrants in the new Brooklyn shelter, most likely to boost morale after the hotel incident.

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