They’re QUITTING – If You Can’t Take The Heat…

( – Wednesday night, the police ordered the remaining migrants and activists supporting them to vacate the premises in front of the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen or they would be arrested. No confrontation ensued.

Over two dozen migrants and activists remained camped out in front of the hotel on 57th St. since Sunday night. Although their numbers dwindled over their three-day occupation, some simply refused to budge.

Police showed up in numbers around 8 PM, the street was temporarily closed, and the remaining occupiers were told they would face arrest if they did not pick up and go. A garbage truck was brought to the scene, and sanitation crews moved in to begin cleaning all of the trash left behind by the occupation once the sidewalk was clear.

All of this began after the city opened a new shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to accommodate the single men who had been staying at the hotel for months. Some were unhappy with the new location and returned to the Hell’s Kitchen hotel only to be denied entry; and some refused to go to the new shelter at all and hunkered down on the sidewalk, egged on by left-wing activists.

The hotel is being prepared to house migrant families instead of single men; the men who chose to go to the new shelter, which is a communal living situation with less privacy, were shuttled over from the hotel.

President Joe Biden paid a visit to the Big Apple on Tuesday, yet completely ignored the situation outside the Watson Hotel and the migrant crisis in general across the city. Instead, he went to go stare at a giant hole in the ground at the construction site of a new rail tunnel in the Chelsea neighborhood beside the Hudson, and also attended a fundraising reception for the Democratic National Committee.

Mayor Eric Adams has been pleading with the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for at least $1 billion and assistance with the crisis that’s putting strain on NYC’s resources.

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