They’re LEAVING America – After All This Time?

( – Migrants are abandoning New York City and heading to Canada for a better life. New arrivals have reportedly already grown weary of the crime and substandard living conditions in the Big Apple and have decided to head north on buses funded by the NY taxpayer.

Recent immigrants have been living in hotels and homeless shelters in the overcrowded city and Mayor Eric Adams has declared a state of emergency because officials there cannot cope with the numbers arriving. 

Many of the migrants have reached the United States through the southern border and been sent north from border towns that are on the brink of collapse. The town of El Paso in Texas for example receives on average around 900 people every day. Texas Governor Greg Abbot last year began sending buses of border crossers to New York City, a self-declared place of sanctuary for immigrants. The reality soon bit for Mr. Adams however and he now wants to move the migrants on. According to bus driver Tyler Tambini, around 100 are leaving New York City and arriving at Plattsburgh, NY, on a daily basis.

The bus company charges the taxpayer around $40 to $50 per person for the trip. From there, the migrants take cabs to Canada where they are taken into custody by Mounted Police. 

The news has prompted some Canadian officials to complain that they too are becoming overwhelmed by the numbers. Christine Frechette, Quebec’s immigration minister, said she was “surprised” to learn of the arrivals from New York and said that Canada needs to “solve the problem of Roxham Road,” which is the border area used for crossing into Canada from the US. She said that Canada is in negotiations with the United States to modernize the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement.

This stipulates that people seeking refuge must do so in the first of the two countries they reach. “I think it makes the urgency of the situation more apparent,” she said. 

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