They THREATENED Him – But He WON’T Back Down

( – After Fox News let their most popular host go, the media outlet decided to threaten Tucker Carlson with legal action for breaching his contract, according to Axios. Following his dismissal, Tucker decided to launch his own show on Twitter, generating tens of millions more views than he did on Fox News. Nevertheless, the host and outlet still had a contract. 

Rather than let him out of his contract, which expires in January 2015, Fox reportedly wants to pay Tucker $20 million a year to say nothing at all. A senior executive at Fox allegedly told a source at Axios that the outlet wanted to keep him sidelined. But forcing him to not speak to his audience goes against his First Amendment rights, according to Bryan Freedman, a lawyer Tucker secured to defend him. 

Fox informed Tucker that he was in breach of their agreement after he released his first show on June 6. The contract agreement states that his services should be exclusive to the network and adds that he is prohibited from distributing any other type of service online. But the host’s legal team is arguing that Twitter is not a direct competitor to Fox. 

Tucker’s departure followed Dominion Voting System’s defamation lawsuit against the outlet. They alleged that Fox perpetuated false claims about the 2020 election. Others have speculated that unveiled text messages after January 6, 2021 show Tucker encouraging the beating of an “Antifa” member. 

Tucker pulled in more viewers than any other cable news host from Fox News to CNN, according to American Pigeon. He consistently garnered the support of the key 25-54 age demographic, which has been steadily declining since he departed from the network. However, some political commentators are concerned that with his absence, he will not be able to reach the boomers—those who were swayed to vote for Romney in 2012.  

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