Their Daughter Was MURDERED – They Want No Charges!

( – The family of a left-wing activist murdered in California has asked authorities not to pursue “traditional prosecution” if the police find her killer.

Jen Angel, 48, was murdered during a robbery in Oakland, but her family has said she would not want the offender charged with any crimes due to her opposition to “state violence.” In a letter published on the Caring Bridge website, the deceased’s relatives wrote that her record as an anarchist and social movement activist meant she did not believe in, and would not want, the incarceration of her killer, nor would she want her death to be used to stoke fear or as an argument to provide resources to the police or criminal justice system.

The death occurred following an incident at a parking lot in the center of the city. A car blocked her exit from the lot before a thief broke her window and grabbed an item from her car. Angel gave chase and was dragged more than 50 feet by the vehicle of the escaping robbers. She later died in hospital from her injuries. No arrests have been made. 

The family has echoed numerous calls for an end to the criminal justice system. Such calls have been loudly heard across the Western world since the emergence of the violent Black Lives Matter anarchist group in 2020. The reaction, such as the one displayed by the family of Jen Angel, is an increasingly common one as leftist activists show themselves willing to sacrifice justice for friends and family, or even themselves, in the pursuit of extreme left political goals. In Europe, a German activist lied about the identity of her assailants following a brutal attack in Mannheim in 2016.

The young leader of a left-wing youth movement called Solid had been assaulted by immigrants but lied to police and said they were German. She did not, she said, want to encourage racism by telling the truth. 

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