Terrorist ATTACK Launched – Fire Bombs Reported!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Atlanta experienced a heated night on Sunday when protesters threw Molotov cocktails and bricks at police and set fire to vehicles at the 85-acre construction site of a new police training facility.

According to the Atlanta police, the $90 million Atlanta Public Safety raining Center was targeted by vandals who used “the cover of a peaceful protest” to launch “a coordinated attack” on the construction site, which protesters have named “Cop City.”

35 people were arrested after multiple law enforcement agencies responded at the scene to find multiple fires lit. No injuries have been reported, although police said the vandals’ actions had the potential to result “in bodily harm.”

The site became the center of controversy last January after a state trooper shot and killed a 26-year-old protester and environmental activist Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, who shot first and injured an officer before they returned fire. Teran was camped out in the forest outside the construction site with many other protesters, seven of whom were arrested after the fatal shooting and police cleared the encampment.

After the shooting, protesters called for a “night of rage,” taking to the Atlanta streets, burning businesses and police vehicles, resulting in six arrests.

Before all of this, five were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism after clashes outside the training facility site in December 2022. Environmental and anti-cop activists have been opposing the construction of the facility since it was first approved in June 2021 to include classrooms, training areas for role-play of real-life scenarios like high-speed car chases and active shootouts, as well as an amphitheater. Located in DeKalb County inside 1.5 square miles of forest that the activists want to be designated as protected land.

Sunday’s violent and fiery protests will certainly not be the last confrontation at the disputed construction site, which faces an uphill battle to be completed.

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