Teacher FIRED – She Taught Students WHAT?!

(ConservativeSense.com) – A high school teacher in California was placed on leave for showing a video to her students instructing them about the use of adult toys and how to pleasure one’s prostate gland.

The teacher, Judy Rehburg, works at El Dorado High School and has been placed on leave by the district in response to complaints from parents who were shown a video secretly recorded by a student of the teacher giving instructions about adult toys. She also told students where they can purchase them. The video also showed the teacher instructing students about where to find the prostate and how to stimulate it.

A spokesperson for the district made a statement about the incident. She said teachers must use “professional judgment” when it comes to decisions about whether certain issues are “suitable” for the classroom and should “follow the adopted curriculum.” She also said employees are not to “advocate personal opinions or viewpoints” in the classroom.

The syllabus for the physiology class mentions that the reproductive system and pregnancy will be taught, but it does not mention adult toys or how to use them for pleasure. Although under California law schools are required to teach in a way that includes different orientations and gender identity, it does not mention instruction about adult toys or pleasure.

The district said an investigation Rehburg is underway, but some parents who attended a school board meeting following the incident called for her to be fired. Other parents expressed support for Rehburg.

Such incidents are sparking a national debate about what should be taught in schools and about how much say parents should have in school curriculums.

Last year, Project Veritas conducted an undercover investigation exposing a dean at a private school in Chicago who brought someone from their  LGBTQ+ Health Center into classrooms to teach students about adult toys. The dean said he also invited a drag queen to come and talk to students.

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