Taiwan Shows Off New Military Hardware

(ConservativeSense.com) – Taiwan has conducted a series of military exercises simulating a Chinese invasion of the island. The exercises included preparation for a land, sea, and air invasion, and all sections of the Taiwanese military took part. During the simulations, the island displayed its military hardware, including M60A3 tanks, assault boats, minelaying vessels, C-130 Hercules transport planes, E-2K Hawkeye early warning aircraft, and P-3C Orion submarine hunters.

At a press conference, Command Chief Major Gen. Tan Yong said the exercises were intended to strengthen “integration of the intelligence chain, command chain, kill chain, and communication chain.”

The simulated invasion took place just as China increased its pressure on the Taiwanese leaders by strategically placing four warships in the surrounding waters. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said that China’s People’s Liberation Army had crossed the median line that separates Taiwan from the Chinese mainland.

Analysts say that China places these military vessels around Taiwan as a method of control and intimidation. Last August, the Chinese military carried out drills encircling the island and cutting off civilian shipping and aircraft routes. Meng Xiangqing of the National Defense University said China chose six specific areas to place their vessels because these form “a line like a noose” to strangle the ability of foreign forces to come to Taiwan’s aid.

China sees Taiwan as its territory and President Xi Jinping has consistently refused to rule out using military force to bring the island under his control. Taiwan is a crucial US ally, and whether US Presidents are willing to use American firepower in its defense is hotly debated. Donald Trump largely avoids giving a direct response, and in a recent interview with Fox host Maria Bartiromo, he suggested he would not defend the island.

Referring to semiconductor chip manufacturing, Trump said, “Taiwan did take all of our chip business.” His remarks prompted furious responses online, including from people who accused him of hypocrisy for giving China the green light to invade Taiwan.

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