Sweet REVENGE – They’re Taking DRASTIC Action!

(ConservativeSense.com) – The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, the Connecticut Association of Schools, and specific local school districts are being sued by four young women who had to compete against transgender-identifying males in track when they were in high school.

The policy established by the Athletic Conference permitted two male students to compete in athletic competitions for girls during the track season of 2017. 15 state championship titles for women were taken by the male students. The case also argues that 85 opportunities to compete in higher competitions were taken away from female athletes by these males thorough three seasons.

These policies are being challenged in court by four former student athletes: Alanna Smith, 19, Ashley Nicoletti, 19, Chelsea Mitchell, 20, and Selina Soule, 20. The defendants claim no real harm was experienced by the plaintiffs. In response to the claim, the lawsuit contends that the Athletic Conference policy “forced” all four women “to compete against biological males” which caused them “to lose high-level opportunities to complete” as well as cost them “medal or other accolades.”

One of the plaintiffs, Chelsea Mitchell, told the New York Post that the lawsuit is “about fairness” and “biology,” and that she wants “to give voice” to her story in order to “help other girls” by preventing them from having to experience what she did.

Transgenderism is one of the most controversial, hotbutton issues in the country right now, with most Democrats giving free rain to the ideology while Republicans seek to curtail its influence.

One of the biggest reasons Americans are pushing back is that allowing males into females sports and spaces not only erases women’s rights, but can result in physical harm. Recently, parents in Oklahoma launched a lawsuit against a local school district after their daughter was assaulted in a bathroom by a transgender-identifying male student.

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