Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon SHOT Over Atlantic Ocean

( – The suspected Chinese spy balloon that was spotted over U.S. airspace in the Western U.S. was shot down by the U.S. military on Saturday over the Atlantic Ocean.

A senior defense official said they have “high confidence” that the high-altitude balloon belonged to the Chinese and is collecting surveillance information. The balloon was spotted over a few days in the Western U.S. including Montana, home of Malmstrom Airforce Base and a nuclear silo.

GOP lawmakers of the House Foreign Affairs Committee are calling on Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was scheduled for a diplomatic visit to China this weekend, to question President Xi Jinping about the balloon when they meet. On Friday, Blinken’s trip to Beijing was postponed in the wake of the balloon incident as the White House decided on how they should respond to it.

Others called for the balloon to be shot down immediately, such as Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke, who tweeted as much on Thursday. Sen. Tom Bottom of Nebraska accused Biden of “coddling and appeasing the Chinese communists” by not bringing the balloon down, which he believes could also be exploited for intelligence.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also weighed in, saying the president “should shoot down the Chinese spy balloon immediately.” She added that if former President Donald Trump were still in office he would not have tolerated a surveillance balloon in our airspace, among many other things.

Brig. Gen Pat Ryder made a statement on Friday that the balloon was over the central part of the United States although he did not specify its exact location, only that it was monitored, moving eastward. The suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down by the U.S. military on Saturday over the Atlantic Ocean.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken canceled his visit to China due to the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon.

CCP Central Foreign Affairs Office Director Wang Yi said China has always adhered strictly to international law, and does not accept any hype or groundless speculation. Furthermore, Yi stated that “It is essential for both parties to remain calm in unexpected circumstances, communicate effectively, avoid misjudging, and manage differences.”

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