Surgeon Whistleblower Charged by Biden’s DOJ

( – The Department of Justice has charged a Texas doctor for blowing the whistle on a hospital providing covert “gender-affirming care” to children. Dr. Ethan Haim, who worked at the Texas Children’s Hospital during his residency, reactivated his computer logins after he left and obtained information on several patients. He then handed this over to a reporter, who subsequently published a story revealing that the hospital was secretly performing “gender-affirming care” even though it had previously promised to stop doing so.

A Justice Department indictment charges Dr. Haim with four counts of “wrongfully obtaining individually identifiable health information.” Prosecutors said Dr. Haim intended to cause “malicious harm” to the Houston hospital, but in a federal court, the 34-year-old doctor pleaded not guilty.

On social media, Dr. Haim wrote that he is the victim of Justice Department persecution, which he described as “corrupt.” He added that the Department tried to intimidate him by “using every technique the federal Leviathan had at their disposal.” Haim created a GoFundMe fundraising account for his legal fees and promised not to stop revealing the truth.

Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw publicly backs the doctor and accused the Biden administration of making an example of him to warn others not to express a “different viewpoint.” He likewise described the charges as persecution.

Texas outlawed “gender-affirming care” for minors in 2023, but the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit, calling the legislation “cruel.” Nevertheless, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the law could take effect, overturning a District Judge’s ruling that it violated transgender children’s rights, as well as doctor’s ability to follow “well-established, evidence-based” medical guidelines.

The Texas law prohibits the distribution of puberty blockers to minors and gender-altering surgeries. Supporters said the Supreme Court had made the Lone Star State safer for children and acted in their best interests.

Twenty-five US states have banned gender-related medical and surgical intervention for children. Most of these are subject to legal battles.

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