Students Go On Anti-Woke RAMPAGE – Enough Is ENOUGH!

( – Town officials in Burlington, Massachusetts were up in arms after students at Marshall Simons Middle School protested the school’s Pride celebration on June 2, destroying rainbow decorations while chanting that their pronouns were “USA,” the New York Post reported.

The students staged the protest after the school had encouraged them to support Pride Month by wearing rainbow clothes.

During a town Select Board meeting on Monday, angry board members and parents decried the “counter-demonstration” that disrupted the school’s pride celebration, calling it intolerant and bigoted.

Nancy Bonassera, the co-chair of the town’s Equity Coalition, said the students defied the call for rainbow clothing, choosing instead to wear red, white, and blue. She complained about the students chanting, “My pronouns are USA” and said they “destroyed rainbow decorations.”

Bonassera demanded that school administrators punish the protesting students, claiming that punishment would be a way for the town of Burlington to reaffirm its commitment to equality and inclusion.

Taking it a step further, Bonassera asked the town to reinstate its subcommittee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and urged them to hire a new DEI director, a position that has stood vacant for a year.

Bonassera told the town that actions like the student protest will continue unless there is “direct and concrete action.” She said similar incidents may “increase in severity” in the future.

Diana Marcus, a computer teacher at Marshall Simons Middle School told BCAT News that the actions of the protesting students intimidated the students who participated in the Pride celebration, which was organized by the school’s LGBTQ+ club.

While most of the students accepted the rainbow flag stickers being passed out by school administrators, once they saw other students pulling them off and tossing them onto the floor, they followed suit.

According to Marcus, as the day progressed, fewer students were wearing rainbows. “It was really tough,” she told BCAT News, adding that it was clear that “our most vulnerable students” did not feel “supported.”

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