Stolen Valor: Biden’s OUTRAGEOUS Lie Has Vets Fuming!

( – President Biden was caught on camera lying about the death of his one of his children. He told US forces in Japan that he lost his son in Iraq. In fact, Beau Biden died from brain cancer at a hospital in Maryland. It is the second time in a year that Biden has falsely declared that his son was killed in military action. Last October, he made the same claim while speaking to an audience in Colorado.

Beau Biden was 46 when he passed away at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2015. He returned from deployment in Iraq in 2009, where he served as a lawyer in a Delaware National Guard brigade. The President has said he believes his son’s brain cancer resulted from exposure to toxic waste disposal methods during his deployment.

“In my view, I can’t prove it yet, he came back with stage 4 glioblastoma. Eighteen months he lived, knowing he was going to die,” the President said in 2019.

It is unclear if President Biden is lying or confused. Speculation about his mental acuity has plagued his Presidency and will likely come under increasing scrutiny as he seeks a second term in office. He is the oldest President in American history and will be 86 at the end of his second term if re-elected.

A recent poll by the Washington Post revealed that only 32% of Americans believe he is mentally fit for office.  

Former Presidential candidate and fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton said recently that voters are right to be worried about the President’s mental capacity. Clinton was asked about Biden’s stumbling when trying to board a plane, and she said this happens to people regardless of age. But, she went on to concede that “his age is an issue, and people have every right to consider it.”

Most Democrats publicly dismiss reservations about Biden’s advanced years. Rep. Eric Swalwell, for example, said he puts younger people to shame with his energy.

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