State’s Close Encounter – Foreign WARSHIPS Raise Concerns

( – Russia and China are conducting military exercises close to Alaska. A joint operation took place in early August and involved eleven ships near Alaska’s southwestern coast. Republican Senator Dan Sullivan said the move was unprecedented in terms of size and scope, and it is very concerning to see two of America’s adversaries working so closely together. The US Navy responded to the presence of Russia and China by mobilizing four destroyers to maneuver the ships out of American waters.

Mr. Sullivan added that America’s response to the presence of foreign military vessels near its coast has improved dramatically. Last September, a single Coast Guard cutter ship reacted to the sighting of a Chinese missile cruiser, together with four Russian naval vessels, in the Bering Sea, 86 miles from Alaska’s Kiska Island. The ships dispersed without incident.

Last August, NATO’s Secretary General said Russia and China were increasing their interest in the Arctic region and warned that Russia had reopened Soviet-era military sites in the area, including deep-water ports and airfields. Jens Stoltenberg said Moscow and Beijing “pledged to intensify practical cooperation in the Arctic. This forms part of a deepening strategic partnership that challenges our values and interests.”

According to some analysts, relations between the US and China deteriorated in 2023, while the Chinese relationship with the Kremlin deepened. Spy balloons, uncovered espionage operations, and warm US relations with Taiwan have increased tensions, and some political commentators even suggest that war with China is a possibility over the next decade.

Conservative pundit Joe Cunningham said Biden was either ignorant or naive when he said there was no need for hostilities and promised there would be no new cold war. “It’s quite possible that Biden will be the last person on earth to find out that there is already a Cold War that the Chinese have started,” Cunningham said.

Meanwhile, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the two nations can change the world together.

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