State’s AG Requests Legal Sanctions Against Trump and Family

( – A motion was filed on Tuesday by New York Attorney General Letitia James to have legal sanctions imposed on former President Donald Trump as well as his children and legal team, accusing Trump and his associates of “frivolous conduct.”

A week ago, James filed a $250 million lawsuit against Trump for fraud; now she’s asking the Manhattan Supreme Court to sanction Trump and his co-defendants, arguing that they should be forced to collectively pay them $10,000 and an additional $10,000 to their counsel for the use of legal arguments that James said have already been thrown out of court multiple times by judges. James said it’s at the court’s “discretion to ‘impose financial sanctions” on any party or lawyer for “frivolous conduct” in a civil action or proceeding.

The motion continues to state that the “standing, capacity, disclaimer, and disgorgement arguments” of the defendants lack “legal basis,” which “should have been readily apparent” to them “and their counsel” from the court’s past rulings. ” Under these circumstances, the motion says “sanctions against defendants and their counsel” should be imposed by the court.

In October 2022, Trump argued that the attorney general’s office had no right to sue him, his children, or the Trump Organization, a motion that was struck down by Arthur Engoron, a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice. A second motion was made in November 2022 using the same arguments, which Engoron also threw out, saying Trump’s team should’ve “known better and given them a warning about possible sanctions afterward.

James’ office argues Trump and his team used the previously rejected arguments at least three times over the last year.

The 220-page lawsuit filed against Trump by James in September 2022 accuses the former president of inflating his net worth by a substantial amount in order to use misleading financial statements to convince lenders. James seeks to stop Trump from running any businesses in the state of New York and bar him and his company from purchasing commercial real estate for an extended period.

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